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The merger of Kaback Model Management (KMM) and Colby Models is the hottest collaboration since coffee and ice cream, Tyra and television, peanut butter and jelly? By joining forces we are bringing together a powerhouse of talent and industry expertise that’s prepared to take the world by storm.


This collaboration of Kaback Model Management (KMM) and Colby Models is a bold statement in uniting the commercial and high fashion worlds, by pulling from two different realms of expertise and accomplishment to bring the fashion and entertainment industry a powerhouse of talent. Although the two organizations have been working along side each other since their inception, never before has a full on merger of this magnitude taken place. The purpose of the collaboration is to further strengthen the market with fresh faces, provide a more broad-thinking approach for clients, as well as develop an overall, increased, multi-dimensional pool of talent.

While maintaining lucrative international connections, as well as procuring a slew of prime placements worldwide, this dual-powered management force of KMM | Colby holds all the experience, innovative style, and global connections of an industrious elite management firm, but with the personalized touch that a boutique agency brings.Colby | KMM remain committed to successful growth through new ideas, pioneering strategies, groundbreaking acquisitions and continual superior service provided to our talent and clients throughout the world.


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