About Alycia

[quote]If you want to fly with the eagles, stop swimming with the ducks[/quote]

The quote, that catapulted Alycia Kaback’s shift from mortgage broker to the entertainment industries’ lead power connector, is also the core foundation to the teachings she dishes up to fresh talent trying to ‘make it’ in the biz. More than just a theory, as it has brought her from an un-fulfilling job, into a fabulous career that fully embodies her life purpose, which is helping people. Alycia’s path to success is a true testament and a perfect reflection of the dedication, and belief she brings to all her clients and endeavors.

She lives by the motto:

[quote]Help as many people make their dreams come true, and somehow, in all that, your dreams will come true.[/quote]

The outcome of Alycia following her heart has led her to take part in helping others, fulfill their destiny, create financial stability, improve relationships with families, and make socially responsible investments. Allowing her to know the true meaning of living her purpose.

As a highly successful entrepreneur, an in-demand talent manager, transformational leader, and Tony Award winning producer, Alycia has helped thousands of men and women around the world achieve their goals.

Creating an avenue for people to step into, and go after life long dreams with confidence, educational tools, and connections to boot.

Through her empowerment seminars, talent agencies, inspirational speeches, radio shows, resources guides, and no nonsense approach she brings to all her business, she works to cultivate a spirit of can-doers and go-getters.

Alycia currently operates a high fashion modeling agency in NYC with partner Ryan Colby and is President of KMM Talent, a boutique agency in Philadelphia. Alycia represents both newcomers and recognized celebrities from hit shows, such as American Idol and America’s Next Top Model. She continues to grace stages and airwaves with her no holds bar persona, inspiring all those with a dream, and the determination to see it through, to just go for it!

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