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Alycia Kaback's Vanya Sonia Masha & Spike Nominated for 4 New Awards

Alycia Kaback is thrilled to announce that The It Factor Productions’ Vanya, Sonia, Masha & Spike has been nominated for 4 Outer Critics Circle Awards. Here’s a little info on the play if you haven’t seen it yet: Vanya, Sonia, Masha & Spike stars David Hyde Pierce, Kristine Nielsen, Sigourney Weaver and Billy Magnussen. It’s a lovely day at…

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Alycia Kaback — Heading to Broadway!

No… She’s not becoming an actress, she’s now working with Broadway producer Pat Addiss as an investor into her newest hit show! However, Alycia won’t make this her last Broadway gig, as she has recently met with the Broadway Association Organization. Her first endeavor with Broadway is with the hit show “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and…

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Katie Finneran to star with Michael J. Fox!

NBC’s Michael J. Fox comedy is filling out his family. “Wonderfalls” and “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” alum Katie Finneran and young actors Conor Romero and Jack Gore have joined the cast of the upcoming NBC comedy. Inspired by the former Family Ties actor’s life, NBC ordered 22 episodes of the untitled single-camera comedy starring Fox as a husband and father of three from New York City…

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So who's Tony, and why does he get an award named after him?

The silver medallion of the masks of comedy and tragedy, known as the American Theatre Wing’s Tony Award, is theatre’s most prestigious and coveted prize. But, you may wonder, how in the world did a theatre award get the name ‘Tony’? Who was this Tony, and what’s his or her claim to theatre history? Tony — actually…

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John Buffalo Mailer sits down with Oliver Stone!

Oliver Stone has the same gripe with Barack Obama as he did with George W. Bush—namely, they both stand for American Empire, and he does not. Stone is a three-time Oscar winner, has made over 60 films, including “Platoon,” “Wall Street,” “JFK,” “Nixon,” and “W.”, and is generally regarded as one of the legends of his trade.…

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Laura Fredricks sits down with Katie Couric!

Laura Fredricks recently just sat down with Katie Couric to talk about how to ask for what you want. Click here to watch the full interview. Below is more about Laura. Fredricks, LLC, is a boutique consulting company that provides hands-on expert philanthropic advising and best practices to a select number of non-profits, businesses, and entrepreneurs to raise significant…

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An all new sit down with Brandon Steiner!

WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON RIGHT NOW? At Steiner Sports, it’s really more a matter of what I’m trying not to work on. I find that many things that worked 10 years ago are no longer effective, so our company is trying to get back to the basics. We got comfortable with our routine and lost…

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