Let’s Talk About The Power Of Relationships

As we near closer to the end of the summer and the start of fashion week, we want everyone to realize this is a prime time in our business for shows, castings, and building long lasting relationships with clients, old and new. So be sure to stay focused, energized, and excited! Remember energy is contagious!

Why relationships you say? Relationships are they key factor that keep us connected to talent and clients that love working with us. Without either of these two ingredients, there would be no ‘It Factor Productions.’ This is the primary reason everyone’s role is the key to success of our entire organization.

Below are a few examples of feedback received from talent, and clients, that set the bar for all our interactions. Take A Look!

Hope everything is amazing! Wanted to get in touch cause we are having  ANOTHER show, and we adored your girls. Only this time we are even more excited, because it’s our first ever Spring Runway Show. 

-Neda Hakakian for P.luca4BARAMI


I think your awesome, I love the drive and passion you have for the industry and your companies. I hope to work with you for a very long time with Gianna. G likes you a lot and said when we were driving home, I hope I’m as popular as Alycia is, when I get older!!!!!!

-Thank You Again-Mike Squilla


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